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Discover the charm of Paso Robles
Discover what makes Paso Robles one
of California’s best-kept secrets –
from world-class vineyards and olive oil
orchards; the festivals celebrating wine,
olive oil and beer; to the charming downtown area that includes stunning accommodations, boutiques, clothing shops, antique stores, wine and olive oil tasting rooms and restaurants that even a seasoned traveler can enjoy.

Featured Events

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Wine Tasting

The Paso Robles American Viticultural Appellation covers  26,000 acres of vineyards, nearly 200 wineries and more than 100 tasting rooms.

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Great Dining

Local cuisine features farm-fresh products from local farmers' markets and herb gardens, fresh seafood and farm-raised meats.



Event Calendar

Planning a weekend getaway, day trip or vacation? Find out what's going on in Paso Robles while you're here.


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Lodging Info

From bed and breakfasts to guest houses and spas to hotels and vacation rentals, Paso Robles has room for you.

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